Short Films

  • Through The Valley of Death

    Sidney Dawson Jr. discusses and reflects on the death of his younger brother, James Dawson, while in police custody in November 2000. He highlights family healing, inter-generational trauma and collective memory as his kids remember the life and death of their uncle. James’ organs were illegally ...

  • Combat Nuns All Or Nothing

    A Nun confesses her sins to a Priest.

    Film Productions Company: Black Triumph Productions

    Directed By: Rick Williamson
    Starring: Dot Marie Jones, Steve Apostolina, Gary Kasper, Geoff Meed, Regina McKee Redwing, Ben Kientz, Johnny Savas, Rick Williamson

    Film Festivals & Awards:
    ・The Artemis Wom...

  • Angelito

    Angelito bridges the gap between Heneral Luna and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. This short film follows the story of the Bernal brothers two days after the assassination of General Antonio Luna.

    Production Company: Artikulo Uno Productions

    Directed By: Jerrold Tarog
    Starring: Tomas Santos, Art Acuñ...

  • Process

    Haley Moore, the host of the show "5 more questions with Haley" is sent on an assignment to interview the reclusive former rock star Frankie Williams.

    Directed By: Joe Carabeo
    Starring: Rachel Faulkner, Rebekah Raze

    Production Company: Astray Productions

    Film Festivals & Awards:
    ・Nepal -Amer...

  • Rough

    Two exes sort out their past relationship while training for an upcoming fight.

    Directed By: Joe Carabeo
    Starring: Jessie Campbell, Simon Kim

    Production Company: Astray Productions

    Film Festivals & Awards:
    ・Shoestring Theatre Company
    ・Westminster Film Festival - Best Narrative Film Winner

  • The Magic Trick

    At a diner, a wannabe magician tries to make a sad girl smile.

    Directed By: Joe Carabeo and Brian Sarvis
    Starring: Simon Kim, Jessica Marie Seibel , Tim Trueheart

    Production Company: Astray Productions

    Film Festivals & Awards:
    ・Shoestring Theatre Company - Official Selection
    ・RVA Filmmaker Sho...

  • Delete

    Candice, a former star actor, comes home from yoga and realizes that someone has broken into her house, so she calls her agent.

    Directed By: Joe Carabeo
    Starring: Megan Caulfield, Matt Sharpe, Sri Mirajkar, Greg Russell

    Production Company: Astray Productions

    Film Festivals & Awards:
    ・Awesome ...

  • A Time Before

    The masked secrets of a newlywed couple are revealed through the lens of time. A one take film of cause and effect.

    Directed By: Zhibo Lai
    Starring: Kevin Tan, Lorena Berger, Kayla Anderson, Kelsey Saunders

    Production Company: Dimension FX 2017

    Festivals & Awards:
    ・NOVA Fest - Best Film


  • Tokyo Lovers


    A short film about two strangers bonding over heartbreaks in the big city of Tokyo, and how their odd friendship helps them regain their dignity.

  • The Bonobo Connection


    Journey into a corrupt world, full of habitat destruction, political war, civil unrest and illegal hunting and you will find one of the most peaceful beings on Earth, the bonobo.

    The Bonobo Connection is a documentary about a forgotten relative: the bonobo. Most people have never heard of a bono...

  • Stuck


    A romantic comedy that follows two strangers (Ebony and Dre) who become physically wedged in the act of a “one-night stand”. Their only path to separation is to be vulnerable and share a secret with one another.

  • Rumination


    A heartbroken man travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship.

  • Reflection


    After ruining a chance with the girl he likes, an insecure teenager chastises his reflection in the mirror. Moments later, the reflection disappears.

  • Raw Days


    It's called the 'Maximum City", but Mumbai is still a work in progress. A migrant drives his taxi through the unfinished, congested streets of the city, barely earning enough to eat. He tries to avoid getting involved with his passengers - a gossiping school teacher, a father dropping his daughte...

  • Othello-San


    Jason Wilson, a celebrated young African American actor, enrolls at a prestigious theater school in Japan to play the lead role in Shakespeare's Othello, only to find his dreams of greatness are tempered by an instructor who challenges him to question his reason for being there.

  • London Hood


    Journalist Anna Banbury is pulling together a feature on life after sport and her researcher has handed her an interesting mix of highly paid and low paid athletes to explore. One of the potential candidates is a former world champion kickboxer Johnny Johnson who appears to have abruptly left the...

  • Lights Over Chautauqua


    Through a hypnotherapy session a young hotshot entrepreneur tries to recall an experience where he blacked out for ten hours and woke up in an open field with no memory of what transpired, an incident that has since sent his life spiraling out of control.

  • Lamb



    An eager and trusting filmmaker follows a female assistant from hotel lobby to a secluded room for “a meeting” with the assistant’s boss. Were these female assistants who led Hollywood’s lambs to slaughter accomplices in the complicity machine or victims themselves?

  • iRony


    A film that explores the relationship between man and technology...told from the perspective of a phone.

  • I Am...


    Short film about one's circle of time.

  • Horizon


    When a young Native American man collides paths with an immigrant woman on the outskirts of an isolated reservation, all hope seems lost when he assumes she's dead, but upon awakening, a story of compassion and heartbreak unfolds.

  • High Tide in Dorchester


    If the consequences of global warming and higher sea levels are distant concepts for you, come on down to Dorchester County, ground zero for sea level rise along the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay. Observe the dying forests, sunken tombstones and waterlogged home foundations of vanished c...

  • Henry A. Wallace: An Uncommon Man


    Henry A. Wallace was a brilliant farmer, scientist, writer and public servant whose views on race, poverty and peace put him far ahead of his time. Born into a family of prominent Iowa farmers, Henry Wallace founded the world’s first hybrid seed company, Pioneer, which catalyzed the 20th century’...

  • Four Points

    Four average citizens have been selected by the newly elected tech-genius President of the United States to participate in a game that will determine the policy of the new administration. Will they win hundreds of thousands of dollars and guide the future of the country, or will their differences...