• The Magic Trick

    At a diner, a wannabe magician tries to make a sad girl smile.

    Directed By: Joe Carabeo and Brian Sarvis
    Starring: Simon Kim, Jessica Marie Seibel , Tim Trueheart

    Production Company: Astray Productions

    Film Festivals & Awards:
    ・Shoestring Theatre Company - Official Selection
    ・RVA Filmmaker Sho...

  • Rough

    Two exes sort out their past relationship while training for an upcoming fight.

    Directed By: Joe Carabeo
    Starring: Jessie Campbell, Simon Kim

    Production Company: Astray Productions

    Film Festivals & Awards:
    ・Shoestring Theatre Company
    ・Westminster Film Festival - Best Narrative Film Winner

  • Wonderlus


    A South African wedding goes awry and the morning after, friends and foes need to piece together the puzzle of the night before. In search of answers, a groom needs to pursue the love of his life, a bride has to untangle herself from the past and a waitress tries to escape the present.

  • Tokyo Lovers


    A short film about two strangers bonding over heartbreaks in the big city of Tokyo, and how their odd friendship helps them regain their dignity.

  • Stuck


    A romantic comedy that follows two strangers (Ebony and Dre) who become physically wedged in the act of a “one-night stand”. Their only path to separation is to be vulnerable and share a secret with one another.

  • Kazantzakis


    Biographical film of the life of the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis.

  • Geographically Desireable


    A driven, overworked and sleep deprived TV News woman's life is derailed when she inherits a house and dog in a small quirky town.

  • Sweet Distraction

    Commuter and his guardian angel find the objects of their affections in the car of a distracted driver.

    Directed By: Theodore A. Adams III
    Starring: Laith Wollschläger, Victoria Chang, Anthony Cosby Knowles, Lauren Cash

    Production Company: Red Zeppelin Productions

    Film Festivals & Awards: