Feature Films

  • Wonderlus


    A South African wedding goes awry and the morning after, friends and foes need to piece together the puzzle of the night before. In search of answers, a groom needs to pursue the love of his life, a bride has to untangle herself from the past and a waitress tries to escape the present.

  • Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions


    Tristan, a reluctant new Scout is conflicted after witnessing a homicide. Will he follow the code the Streets or the code of the Scouts?

  • TRI



    A journey of triathletes overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams.

  • The Fitzroy


    A live action black comedy set in an alternative post-apocalyptic 1950s. The world is covered in poisonous gas, and the last place for a traditional seaside holiday is The Fitzroy hotel, an abandoned submarine just off the coast of England.

  • SLAM: Sworded Words


    In Chicago, NY, Paris and São Paulo, same scene with different accents: poetry slams - poetic performance battles - instigate creativity and coexistence between all kinds of people, standing before the political conservative wave as Agoras of the free thought and free expression. In Brazil, the p...

  • Nothing To Do


    What happens when you can't stand the way your sibling does just about anything, but you're forced to be with them during your father's last days on Earth?

  • Kazantzakis


    Biographical film of the life of the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis.

  • Geographically Desireable


    A driven, overworked and sleep deprived TV News woman's life is derailed when she inherits a house and dog in a small quirky town.

  • Gasping For Air (1-2-3)


    LUIS (Carlos Dala) is just one of the teenage boys in the idyllic and fishing island of Silag. He goes through the issues of adolescence with his younger sister, LULU (Barbara Miguel), who busies herself by joining amateur singing contests in hopes of becoming a star.

    One day, a talent manager ...

  • Anina


    A fantastical journey into the world of a ten-year-old girl who, following a playground skirmish, is given the weirdest punishment in the history of weird punishments.

  • Expedition Congo


    Female pharmacist embarks on an expedition to discover and document indigenous healing practices and natural remedies in the Congo rainforest. She quickly realizes why the region has remained largely unexplored.

  • The Price For Silence


    After the death of her father, a troubled woman returns home to confront the family who paid for her silence.

  • For Izzy

    Dede, a photojournalist and recovering addict, moves in next door to Laura, a young woman with autism. As the pair form an unlikely friendship, Dede assembles a documentary, using animation and found footage to tell a story of getting sober, of family and friendship, and of love and forgiveness. ...

  • Bad Frank

    Frank Pierce leads a seemingly normal life, but when a disturbing past reemerges & something precious is taken from him, his mask of sanity loosens & unearths the urge to be violent once again.

    Directed By: Tony Germinario
    Starring: Tom Sizemore, Brian O'Halloran, Ray Boom Boom Mancini, Kevin ...