African American

  • Through The Valley of Death

    Sidney Dawson Jr. discusses and reflects on the death of his younger brother, James Dawson, while in police custody in November 2000. He highlights family healing, inter-generational trauma and collective memory as his kids remember the life and death of their uncle. James’ organs were illegally ...

  • Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions


    Tristan, a reluctant new Scout is conflicted after witnessing a homicide. Will he follow the code the Streets or the code of the Scouts?

  • Stuck


    A romantic comedy that follows two strangers (Ebony and Dre) who become physically wedged in the act of a “one-night stand”. Their only path to separation is to be vulnerable and share a secret with one another.

  • Rumination


    A heartbroken man travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship.

  • Othello-San


    Jason Wilson, a celebrated young African American actor, enrolls at a prestigious theater school in Japan to play the lead role in Shakespeare's Othello, only to find his dreams of greatness are tempered by an instructor who challenges him to question his reason for being there.

  • Four Points

    Four average citizens have been selected by the newly elected tech-genius President of the United States to participate in a game that will determine the policy of the new administration. Will they win hundreds of thousands of dollars and guide the future of the country, or will their differences...